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Fountains & Aeration
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Vanderwist of Cincinnati & NE Ohio
Lawn Sprinkler, Landscape Lighting / Illumination, Fountain & Aeration Systems

Sprinkler Systems

Vanderwist provides professionally designed and installed sprinkler systems to residential and commercial customers. All sprinkler systems are properly designed to maintain uniform coverage. Plant and water relationships are understood and respected when we design a sprinkler system.

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Illuminated Entranceway

Vanderwist enhances your outdoor living spaces with professionally designed landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting should create an atmosphere of highlights, shadows and dramatic lighting effects. Landscape lighting will add year round beauty to your home, yard or business while providing safety and security.

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Illuminated Fountain

Vanderwist is pleased to offer the installation and maintenance of fountains for your lake and ponds. Awareness of water quality management, the benefit and beauty fountains add to your project, allows us to create unique waterscapes for our customers.

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Commonly called "Do It Yourself", Vanderwist's approach to this program is quite unique. Although we will gladly supply a customer with all parts necessary to install a system themselves, the "Do It Together" program enables us to offer our customer's a professionally designed system, parts, training and our expertise on the first day of installation. Generally, a Do It Together Irrigation system is approximately one-half of the cost of a typical system installation.

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